Celebrant for Weddings, Namings, Funerals

Celebrations and Ceremonies for Life’s Big Moments

Life is full of significant moments: weddings,birthdays, career changes, anniversaries, births, and sadly, the deaths of those close to us. As your Celebrant I will first of all listen carefully to your story, and then work with you to create a ceremony that is a close as possible to your wishes, a ceremony that honours and celebrates this significant occasion in your life.

I am a Registered Marriage Celebrant and an experienced Civil Celebrant. I hold a Graduate Diploma of Arts (Civil Ceremonies) from Monash University, as well as a degree in Theology from the Melbourne College of Divinity.

I take pride in presenting a meaningful and well-prepared ceremony that  focuses on what is important in your life, and in the lives of your friends and your communities. In this way your ceremony can also help strengthen the bonds of friendships shared.

If you have further questions about how I  can help you celebrate your significant occasion, call me on 0428 999 130 or 03 9889 6820, for a relaxed, obligation-free chat. I am only too happy to speak with you!

You may also contact me via my Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/marywilliamscivilcelebrant.

A ritual is the marking of an ordinary person’s journey, which tells them that the journey is significant.

To recognise what is happening to us, and pause to do so, is to make the moment significant.
Dorothy McRae-McMahon