Mary Williams – Funeral Celebrant

Saying goodbye to someone you love is one of life’s saddest events.  And, for most of us it’s not something we’ve spent a lot of time thinking about.

A Funeral or Memorial service is a final act of love for the person who has died, and should be a consoling and memorable time for the family and friends who are grieving. It is a rite of passage in which family members and those close to the deceased respectfully honour the deceased person’s life, relationships and achievements. It’s a time for them to say their goodbyes, and finalise in their minds the fact that this death has happened and that this loved person is truly gone.

An experienced Funeral Celebrant can help you plan this important ritual in a way that is meaningful and genuine. This process can be a precious gifting, the last gift and the last thing you can do for the person who has died.

My goal as a Funeral Celebrant is to work closely with the family, assisting and enabling them to provide a ceremony that meets with their wishes,  in which they are meaningfully involved, and that honours the person who has died. I am a trained and experienced funeral celebrant who understands and respects the emotional magnitude of losing someone close to you, and who takes care to lead funeral ceremonies with compassion, sensitivity and calm guidance

Every Life is Special
Every Life is Important
Every Life is Celebrated
Every Life is Remembered

For more information, or if you just want to chat about how a civil celebrant can help you during a time of grief, call Mary on 0428 999 130 or 03 9889 6820.