Life’s Milestones

We ritually celebrate Births, Marriages, and Funerals. And yet, there are so many other significant times and moments in our lives that we can, and sometime want to, honour and celebrate. Some of these times include anniversaries, change of work situations, graduations, and retirement. And then there are specific times of growth which are momentous and yet often go unacknowledged. For instance –   the beginning of a child’s schooling; the marking of maturation from child to adult; the honouring of age and wisdom;  and one event of great social significance,  the young Australain’s 18th birthday –  when that person is invested with the all the rights and responsibilities of  full citizenship in our Australian society. 

I am very happy to work with you in preparing a ceremony to celebrate one of your Life’s Milestones! Call me on 0428 999130 or email to discuss your wishes.