Other Events

Life’s Other Significant Events…

You can create a ceremony to honour any kind of major event in your life; even those special life moments of personal significance that seem to pass unnoticed by the rest of the world.  Whether it’s starting your own business, a sea change, a birthday, a house blessing, or a divorce or separation, or having to place your loved family member into care, ritual can provide you with the opportunity to gather up all the threads and bring a clearer focus on the joy, the apprehension, or the pain and grief, of that particular part of your life journey.

A caring ritual helps us acknowledge and assimilate major life changes. It provides a simple and structured way to reflect on these changes, and gives all the participants the opportunity to attend to the significance and impact of each transition.

A good ceremony  is almost always an occasion where someone or some people are gathered around your life in a way which tells you that it matters,

and that you are gathered into human community for respect, support, and understanding.

Dorothy McRae-McMahon

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