Renewal of Vows

Sometimes, when a couple is planning to celebrate a wedding anniversary, or the anniversary of their commitment to each other, they may want to mark the significance of these years with something more than a party.

Usually these anniversaries mark life’s major milestones, such as ten, twenty, twenty-five, even fifty years of commitment. At times like this you are presented with a great opportunity  to reflect together on the years of life and love shared, and of the significance of your experience. A ceremony which incorporates a renewal of your vows can help you to express in word and symbol the love that has grown between you through the years. I can assist you to plan and shape a simple ceremony; one which draws the threads of your journey together in a ceremony that expresses what is of importance and significance to you both, and that celebrates your hope for the years ahead – always a part of every anniversary celebration!

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A good ceremony  is almost always an occasion where someone or some people are gathered around your life in a way which tells you that it matters,

and that you are gathered into human community for respect, support, and understanding.
Dorothy McRae-McMahon